Astro-Theology / The Mystery Schools

As above, so below. The worship of the heavens is the greatest and oldest story ever told.

Astro-Theology is an amazing subject previously kept secret throughout history to all but the few selected initiates and students of mystery schools within the church. Great researchers such as Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, Santos Bonacci  Acharya S, Bill Donahue and others have brought these pre-Christian mysteries to the surface.

For the very first time in history lots of previously unknown information is coming to light. This is due to the internet now being so readily accessible to all. This information deals with the true origins of Christianity. Researching this subject many understandings regarding the previously hidden true occult meanings of both the Old and New Testaments as well as other religious biblical texts can be realised.

God’s son Jesus is often described as the light of the world and our risen saviour. In connection with this, the sun gives us both heat and energy and is the main battery that enables life on earth. It was also one of the main archetypes of the many planets above. Mystery schools and other indigenous cultures around the world knew of these archetypes and placed them into the well-known stories we read today.

What are these stories all about then? And can we read the gospels and religious texts in a completely different way? Yes we can!

The relationship between man and the planets, the stars, sun, moon and the heavens has been a long studied subject with significant and important meaning for survival here on earth. Man has come up with many concepts throughout the ages in an attempt to keep himself within alignment and in tune with nature and the celestial heavens above.

Astrological symbolism is present in our everyday lives everywhere all around us. Yet many people simply miss what is hidden, in plain sight and never look at the reasons to why so much exists. We can learn all about the manipulation done on a mass scale to millions of people throughout daily life when it comes to this subject. It truly is unbelievably fascinating logical, rational when lookd at with an open mind.

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